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Consumer Privacy and Data Breaches

Data breaches are an increasing challenge for consumers. With more and more medical, personal and financial information being stored by so many entities across computers, data networks and the cloud, the risk of a data breach occurring only continues to increase. Companies with inferior and even negligent cybersecurity practices and procedures can increase consumers’ risk of identity theft, severe financial loss, and numerous other preventable catastrophes.

These cybersecurity attacks most certainly catches everyone off guard, from individuals to small businesses and massive corporations and the true victims of data breaches are those who have had their sensitive information leaked. The effects of data beaches include but aren’t limited to:

  • Stolen credit card information
  • Banking information
  • Stolen biometric data (ex:facial recognition, fingerprints)
  • Personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Health insurance records
  • Unlawful sale of personal data to spam or marketing agencies
  • Leaked confidential conversations, photos, and documents
  • Medical records of healthcare patients in cases of a HIPAA data breach

The extent of these threats is just part of the reason why companies can be sued for mishandling personal information depending on the role they played in a data breach. One of the worst aspects of cybersecurity attacks is that the scenarios listed above can manifest years after the initial breach has occurred, making it difficult to resolve. It goes without saying that the sooner the victims of a data breach contact a data breach attorney and investigate their options, the sooner it can be addressed.

The lawyers of Loftus and Eisenberg are ready and able to provide immediate legal representation for victims of data breaches. Our expert lawyers are based in Chicago, but are also able to represent victims across the United States, through long standing co-council relationships. The business lawyers at Loftus and Eisenberg are well versed in handling all aspects of cyber security crimes and data privacy breaches from initial investigation and case review to legal claims and class action lawsuits. We are skilled at taking in all factors of the data breach and exploring the best options that may award you financial reimbursement, from simple legal procedures to mass litigation

Please note that even if you have been notified by a letter or email that you have been part of a data breach, you can still have a lawyer review your information and discuss your rights. Additionally, we will assist you in securing your private data to mitigate the harm from the data breach.

If you suspect you have been a victim of a data breach or have been directly messaged by a company informing you of a data breach, it is in your best interest to talk to a data security law firm. Please fill out the short intake form with any documentation you have received about the data breach attached or call us at 312-899-6625.

Client Reviews
"Alexander is my attorney who has been thorough, aggressive, focused, and a credit to the legal profession. Five months ago Alex was thrown into my case due to a tragedy by my previous lawyer. He was given few records, learned the circumstances, and devoted his attention so that this week he stood before a judge to try my case. Well done Alexander!" Allan Zwirn
"Alex is an outstanding lawyer well knowledgeable and very professional I do not usually recommend lawyers to family members or friends but I definitely would recommend Alex thanks for a great job well done." Winston, R.