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Data Breaches

Data breaches have become all too familiar incidents over recent years. Data breaches come in many forms, can be both intentional due to negligence or unintentional due to cyberattacks and the aftermath can be disastrous. Once a data breach has occurred, either sensitive, protective or confidential information has been leaked, shared, stolen, or altered by unauthorized users.

Many sources can be the cause of data breaches, including phishing, ransomware, malware to name a few. Social engineering, unauthorized access to confidential information, and any other type of online data theft are other common forms of data breaches.

Once a breach has occurred both companies and or individuals are left to figure out the repercussions of the breach, including how to deal with their legal rights and best course of action to protect and repair their situation and the best way to navigate these murky waters is to engage a data breach lawyer who specializes not only in understanding the complexities of data breaches but is also well equipped to assist victims of data breaches to with the legal complications that often stem from the breach.

Data breach lawyers follow a metholodgy when it comes to helping data breach clients. They start by evaluating the situation, gather impacted potential clients and evidence, and strategize on the best possible legal plan. If you’ve been the victim of a data breach or have information about a potential data breach, an experienced data breach attorney can provide the counsel and representation you are seeking. The experienced attorneys at Loftus and Eisenberg are well equipped in information security law and data protection and represent numerous clients in cases where there was an instance of unauthorized access of their confidential personal information.

It is essential to obtain a data breach attorney after you have been a victim of a data breach as these lawyers provide more than legal advice on the breach. They can also provide technical support and provide essential next steps to ensure you are protected from further breaches, and helping clients protect their assets and mitigate potential losses and reputational damages. This attorney will work to evaluate the degree and consequences of data breaches, negotiate with the companies or individuals whose information was breached, and work to seek compensation for any losses suffered due to the breach.

Data Breach Class Action Lawsuits

As data breaches continue to be increasingly common, so do class action lawsuits related to data breaches. Many times when a breach has occurred it has affected a large group of individuals who can join together and file a lawsuit against the liable party for any and all potential damages incurred from the breach.

A knowledgeable data breach lawyer can determine the best course of action moving forward with data breaches and if a class action is the best way forward. The experienced business litigation lawyers at Loftus and Eisenberg are highly skilled in class action litigation and will be able to provide guidance on a recommended path forward.

Learn more about our active 23andme data breach case here – and submit your information through this form.

If you believe are have been a victim of a data breach or have information on a data breach, please contact the business lawyers at Loftus and Eisenberg.

Client Reviews
"Alexander is my attorney who has been thorough, aggressive, focused, and a credit to the legal profession. Five months ago Alex was thrown into my case due to a tragedy by my previous lawyer. He was given few records, learned the circumstances, and devoted his attention so that this week he stood before a judge to try my case. Well done Alexander!" Allan Zwirn
"Alex is an outstanding lawyer well knowledgeable and very professional I do not usually recommend lawyers to family members or friends but I definitely would recommend Alex thanks for a great job well done." Winston, R.